Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the consultation for?:

The consultation phase is the opportunity for us to meet for the first time, for you to visit the studio and have a frank discussion over a cup of tea or coffee about what you expect or would like from your Boudoir or Pin-up session. 

It very much helps to give us a sense of what you are about and what are your like and dislikes. In short, it helps us prepare a session entirely tailored around you to get you the best possible images.

What is your stance on photoshop?:

Photoshop is a brilliant tool but, as it has been shown time and again, it can be easy to overdo it. We aim for the pictures to remain of you. The best possible you, but you nonetheless.

I see you have loads of images of gorgeous women on your site, will my images get there too?

No, not unless you want them to. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and your images will never be available for public viewing.

Do you provide hair and make-up?:

Yes, all our Boudoir and Pin-up sessions are priced to include a hair and make-up artist.

Do you provide outfits?:

No we do not, although we have a increasing collection of accessories and props which you are free to use if you want.

What should I wear/bring for the shoot?

Boudoir photography is a very personal thing, it is all about you. So whatever fits your fancy is good. If you feel at your most comfortable and sexiest in a shirt and cotton pants, it's OK. If you want to wear the most outrageous and lacy number from Victoria Secrets, it is also OK. 

Why should I book now when my wedding isn't for a while yet?:

Well, every shoot we undertake is planned carefully to meet your expectations and it can take a few weeks between your initial consultation and your shoot. 

When is the right time for a pregnancy Boudoir shoot?:

As soon as your bump is truly showing and overtake the line of your breasts and no later than your 37th week. 

How should I prepare for the shoot?:

Just follow your normal beauty routine, drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin and, the night before your session, have a good night sleep. If you need to visit the beauty salon for a wax, try to do so at least a couple of days before your session to give your skin a chance to get back to normal.

Can I have a female photographer?

Unfortunately, no. However, our make-up artist are all females and present throughout the session. After all, sometimes hair or outfits need adjusting and this isn't something for the photographer to do.

Do I have to go nude?

Absolutely not, we will never ask you to do something which makes you uncomfortable. However if you choose to have some nude portraits it is your choice and it is fine. If you have chosen to go nude and at any point during the session change your mind about it, it's fine just tell us.

Does my shoot have to be at the studio?:

Not at all, would you prefer it, we can come to your home or use one of the many great hotels in the area (at an extra charge to cover the cost of the room).